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  1. Tks for the clarify Mark and Callie ! So looks like contacting Milestone is the way to go for me ? I think they can print customise decal specifically for pottery and have to fire on in a kiln and I can make the blue model in my sample picture without difficulty; but still not sure how to make the embossed type gold model?
  2. @liambesaw, @Mark C.I searched pad stamping, that might be able to explain the blue cup, but for gold cup, it looks like embossed seal, so not sure which technique was used ? Thanks @Callie Beller Diesel for the decal info, I am also looking at https://www.milestonedecalart.com/custom-decal-printing#custom-digital-decal but not sure if that is really food safe ? Coz there decal seems to require temp at only 800 degree Celcius but I read from one post that with that temp some colour could still be toxic ? ( By the way, if using sticker and temperature, there is very simple method that they are using to print photo on mug ( it seems very popular but I am not sure how safe is it ? Another thing is this could be easy to apply on mug shape but for tea cup shape, how could we do ? Can we use steam ironing to apply temperature for the sticker ?
  3. So if I have a blank, ready-to-use cup (for consumer) from the market and want to apply the similar decoration on it, is there any technique I can use today at home or ordering, to have a safe, food grade cup ?
  4. Hi all, I am very curious how did Lenox make these pieces (the decoration part) because it looks very different from normal ceramics wares I know. May be no one could say exactly what they use (because it could be a secret ?) but is there a known technique can create the same effect ? For the blue set, I am thinking custom decal printing can be applied and then fire it on a kiln. For the second one, may be they use Lustres? Many thanks for your inputs !
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