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  1. Thank you so much! I went ahead and took the cone 10 cress kiln for $800 and he threw in a new bailey wheel for $500! I hope that's good. I've only worked on a brent but it seemed like a good deal. Thanks for taking time to share. I think this kiln won't hold me forever but it's new and might be a good test kiln or easy enough to sell off if need be. regards! Aminah
  2. Thanks all, well I was too pokey but your advice is really helpful. I have two other options and really hope to make a decision tonight: 1. a Duncan Teacher's Ceramics Kiln. Model DE -820-2 with working elements and a working 12 button controller $500 probably has about 3.5 CU 2. a new (ran 5 times) Cress Kiln - ET18 and furniture $800 2.6 CU I hear you on the small kiln issues but as a newer potter I don't like the idea of spending too much until i know I'm gonna keep going and could imagine getting another one down the line. I would be all over the Cress (if it
  3. oh and one other option is an L & L . It's a 2005, 2.3 Cu FT., fired only 3x. The controller is a barlet with just the 3 buttons. $900 So it's small but not intimidating. I'm inclined almost towards this one.
  4. Hello, I have dabbled over the years but lost access to my neighborhood studio during covid and have decided to build my own studio. Right now I'm looking at either: 1. a new olympic MAS1827HE: V6-CF 40 amp. I think it's about 4 CU FT. inner dimensions are 17.5 wide and 26 deep. $1365 with furniture etc. probably need one or 2 more shelves 2. a used paragon Paragon Janus 27 Multimedia Kiln, relays were replaced last year. All new elements but one which needs replacing stil (cost $120 and partner can do it for me). Brickwork in great shape. Comes with furniture and s
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