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  1. Yes I figure that there will be some ajustments I am used to a small glass kiln for jewellery , cabochons, small plates... but wanted to try bigger I got my 23 inch $150 CA and no dammage but the bottom, with a new controller that my husband will make (wifi etc. ;-)) it should work fine
  2. Thanks I certainly will, just hope it will work with glass :-) if not it should be easy to resell
  3. Thank you for the fast response, would you also support the bottom with a metal plate ?
  4. Hi, I recently got a used evenheat ceramic kiln, it as some broken bricks at the bottom, from the top I see light so just not a crack how would you repair that. I am not a ceramist I bought it to do glass, my husband is an electician and will change the controller.
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