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  1. I had another very successful firing at cone 5 - even my white bowls that had quite an issue! Thank you so much everyone for all your input!!!!
  2. SUCCESS with cone 5!! Not a single bloat or blister!!! But I won’t count my chickens until I fire another group with more white pieces. The color is a tiny bit different but it”s fine. The orton cones bent as they should. Cone 5 was bent over (curled) to the base it was sitting on and the cone 6 was just bent slightly. So to answer Min’s question about “bent to the ground” I meant they (both orton cones, 6 & 7 in the lst firing) curled over to the base they sat on. I also broke open some bloats/bubbles and it looks like there was just air pockets. A slit of air. Again,
  3. Yes! Good idea! I can make some scrap pieces and while trimming I will find them for sure. Use an Amaco glaze pencil to circle spots...or something darker. Excellent. Maybe I will hold off on my kiln firing. I did pull out an overfired orton cone 6 today (I fired for my co-workers) It was a 6 & 7. Both bent to “ground. Slightly hotter (2236) than top temp if the computer is correct. i will compare these with 5 & 6 cones in my cone 5 firing.
  4. Mixing problem: I listed in my first post that one of my worries is that I find little super hard pieces of (?molochite? Talc?) while trimming. They pull at the trimming tool and carve lines. It is nothing from my studio and only shows up in greenware. I pull them out and repair when I come across them, but who know how many are imbedded in the clay. Totally annoying and I called the company. They hadn’t heard any complaints other than mine. These little specks are what I was thinking may be part of the issue....blowing up into bloats later in the kiln. My white bowls (and one batch of clea
  5. The clay is a soft stoneware very close to a porcelain texture. I also use porcelain and have no issues. They are both from Sheffield Pottery. The stoneware is #W1A with molochite. I also get what looks like blistering. There is no evidence after the bisque firing that these exist. Super smooth. Are you talking about good ‘ol bubbles you sometimes find while throwing? I usually pierce those or pop them or put it back to wedge. I don’t have them often.
  6. At home I have photoshop cc and I am in the middle of changing over to a new computer so all I have is this phone for my photos today. Only one photo will crop enough to show. I will send a late entry if I get my photoshop downloaded. I was thinking the same (Hulk) about putting a cone on each shelf (we usually do a small range of 5, 6 & 7 ...) and taking notes showing what shelf each piece is on. Mainly because it doesn’t happen all the time or not to all the pieces in one firing. A bit tedious to do, but now I think it would have saved me time. Fingers crossed!
  7. Thank you everyone for your input. I definitely think it may be overfiring after reading the digital fire articles. And I may try 05 bisque instead of 04. One step at a time. To answer a couple questions.... **I am not sure if we are able to slow the bisque firing between 12/1500-1700f electric kiln. I will look into that. But we always use slow bisque and slow glaze. Maybe the program does slow it down around 1200 or 1500....have to read. LL kiln. **I am not consistent in using orton cones. Kick myself often!! My co-workers do so at least we have some consistency. The cone 6 cone
  8. Hello! I have researched (including looking at older posts here), talked to my clay manufacturer and others with solutions, & tried a bunch of tests and keep having bloat issues in my stoneware. I do not want to give up my clay, but..... I will lay out the issues/tests as succinctly as possible. I would be grateful for suggestions. **My clay is a soft white stoneware with TX talc and a very small amount of molochite. Cone 6. **I bisque at 04, since hearing of this solution from another well seasoned potter who uses same clay and the head clay person at my clay company. Bu
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