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  1. 20 cubic foot gas kiln- Daniel Rhodes design , built by Tom Phardel. Venturi burners and no electricity needed to fire. Fires beautiful shinos with carbon trapping and copper reds . We are moving and need to procure an indoor style kiln instead. You will need to supply a cement slab for the kiln, an overhang for weather protection and a chimney. The kiln will require dismantling to move. Some of the gas piping will be included with the kiln. 14”x 28” kiln shelves not included. This is an awesome kiln that cost $20,000 to build. We are asking $2,500 . It will be available to move by May 15 and possibly sooner. Questions? kay@youristpottery.com 734-662-4914
  2. This is helpful- I will experiment with spraying after wedging . I could add to the pug mix but as the clay ages, peroxide could become useless. Excited for this possible resolve- thank you!
  3. Thanks for your input. I have been told that vinegar kills many molds and am considering adding some to the clay to see what happens.
  4. I have students with mold issues and as we know, clay has mold. I have always thought that the mold adds to the plasticity of the clay. I am interested however in lowering the amount of mold in the studio to minimize our exposure and asking if anyone knows how to do that while maintaining clay plasticity.
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