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  1. I do slab built plates as well, over a shallow curved hump mold, and have had some success trimming a foot on the wheel once the plate is leather hard. I use a foam bat to make sure I don't harm the rim of the plate while trimming the foot ring. Also, make sure you make the slab thick enough to trim away some height for the foot. Good luck!
  2. Thank you everyone! This is all really helpful, I'm amped and inspired, and happy to be part of this community :).
  3. Hi All, I've been casually taking community wheel-throwing classes for a few years, but because of the pandemic, decided to take the leap and set up my own home-studio. I've got my wheel and kiln all set up and ready to go, it is exciting! Anyway, I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations for developing a kind of practice schedule for improving the consistency/speed/efficiency of my throwing. I have a vague memory of a teacher long ago saying something like "Throw 10 cylinders everyday" ... does anyone have any more specific ideas for self-training exercises or practice schedul
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