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  1. Thanks for replying again! I am making test palettes for now. what colours of underglaze should endure high temperature with glazes that has different firing temperature range. If out come isn’t satisfied maybe I should change some materials. I will share the result on this page so ppl who has same problem could get substitute way. Thanks for helping me out
  2. Thanks for replying! I am using claybodies which could fire cone7 to 8, stoneware clay! Which made in Korea, the colour of clay is dark brown (like as mud) when it’s not dried, when its dried fully colour is light grey. Sorry that I can’t change clay because can’t get lowfire clay. For underglazes I am using Duncan CN/CC underglaze. It says can be fired at cone 5 to 10. But when I fired them on cone7, mostly colour are very different (green colour changes to brown), or some are just disappeared. Glaze what I use is also from Duncan IN 1001, it’s appropriate firing temperature is
  3. Hi! I have some problem to make dinnerware. Firstly sorry for my English is not so good. I am making ceramic for food container like cups or dishes. I tried 2 brand of hand paints which has different range of firing temperature. Duncan and Amaco. Use Duncan in1001 transparent glaze. I prefer to use Duncan because the result of colouring was best. But problem is I use claybodies which need to fired at 1250 celsius degrees, but the paint and glaze’s recommended firing temperature is much lower. I can’t change the clay bodies because in my country low temperature fired claybody is very
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