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  1. I'm undecided about how much kaolin to add . If I add too much what happens ?
  2. When I try to add a photo I'm told that it's too many kB . Anyone know how I rectify that ?
  3. Thank you . Yes I'm stacking the plates. Would the addition of 5% kaolin effect the firing temperature ?
  4. Thanks all for your help . I haven't tried the advice yet because I've had further problems . Pieces , particularly plates have been cracking in the biscuit firing . I have checked the thermocouple and the thermometer but it's still happening . The only conclusion is that it's the clay . Cups and small bowls come through ok but plates and larger pieces suffer . I have had no problems with my clay up to now and can only guess that I have hit a different vein . I'm wondering about the advice to add kaolin . Would that help the situation ?
  5. I am lucky to have clay in my garden which for a few years I have been able to fire to cone 8 . Recently I have had a couple of disastrous firings with many cracked pieces . Having ruled out any other reason I have now come to the conclusion that the problem is the clay . I guess I have to add something , ball clay ? Kaolin ? I'm not knowledgeable of clay chemistry . Can somebody help me please ?
  6. Thanks for your reply . Yes , I would like to continue firing at 1250 if possible as I like the glazes at this temperature . Not all of my pots deform , only a few and especially on the top shelf .
  7. I like to say that my pots are made which local clay . If I add another clay I might as well just buy the clay in the first place. I finish off aclot of my pots with terra sigalatta so grogged clay would be no good . Yes , I'll have to test it but I'm not sure how so I thought maybe somebody could give me a clue . Thanks anyway
  8. Thanks for the quick reply . I fire at about 150 ° / hr but slow down from 900 up . I don't want to add commercial clay unless really necessary . What would happen if I add silica ?
  9. Hi everyone , I have had the good fortune of discovering some very nice clay . I have managed to fire it up to 1250°C ; it's a beautiful colour and the glaze holds well . It is really the limit though as some pots deform slightly so I'd like some advice as to how I can strengthen it . I make it by throwing it in the cement mixer with lots of water , then I filter it several times so I'm left with a very smooth slurry . I put the slurry in large plaster containers which absorb the moisture so I'm finally left with a usable clay . I' wondering if I can mix something like silica in the slurry b
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