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    Titi reacted to Mark C. in Plates with foot or footless?   
    I put feet on all plates it takes more clay, more time but the bottom is glazed (not the foot) and the plates are stronger and easy to clean all surfaces.
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    Titi got a reaction from Hulk in Plates with foot or footless?   
    very useful, more pros...
    too special.. Sometimes I just want to give up making plates :/ 
    Other other:
    here only lots of rain!
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    Titi reacted to Hulk in Plates with foot or footless?   
    Hi Titi!
      limit unglazed portion to just the ring - the rest of the underside glazed, hence stronger, easier to clean, etc.
      limit contact surface - easier to make flat (so the pot doesn't rock) and easier to make smooth (so the pot doesn't scratch surfaces)
      provides a place for fingers to catch - easier to handle
      allows for precise thickness - better balance, lighter, closer match to the rest of the pot, etc.
      looks cool
      cut away the least conditioned part of the pot, the layer against the wheel head (or bat) is most likely to start cracking (per above)
      increase durability - ring provides mass and structure at the base, where impacts are likely
      takes time to cut foot rings
      takes more time to glaze
      generates trimmings
      plates are a special case, bein' flat an' all...
    Other other:
      We've had a week of rain and wind here!
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    Titi reacted to liambesaw in Plates with foot or footless?   
    Helps prevent cracking during cooling, and is useful for functional reasons
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