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  1. I was just answering you on my post! Yep! I found that schedule and was surprised! is it a 27hour firing??
  2. Hi!! Thanks again for the detailed info, it helps me a lot. I found this firing schedule https://digitalfire.com/schedule/plc6ds "Other IV - dropping from peak glaze temp 100F, then holding that temp for half hour, and controlled cool (elements on "low") to 1850F before shutting off the heat is also helping." ------- Is this the one you are talking about here? If it is, its 27 hour firing :O ... Oh boy!
  3. I'm having the EXACT same issues with the PRNI clay, having little pinholes in my glaze firing Using only Slow fire cone 04 and slow glaze at cone 6 Let us all know how it went! I particularly want to know.... I was thinking holding top temp on Bisque leaving peeps out, then glaze fire hold 20 mins.. I'm a newbie, never have I ever made my own firing program and I'm afraid to do it wrong ...
  4. Hello! Hope you all are doing great! I recently started using Black Clay PRNI from SIO ceramics it fires cone 5-7 In my glaze tests everything went fine with the ones I'm using ( i know most glazes don't match with black clay) I'm talking specifically about Obsidian Celadon and Deep Fire Brick by Amaco. Yesterday I unloaded my kiln and both pieces using those glazes had pinholes. Slow Bisque fire cone 04 - then Slow Glaze fire cone 6 Do you think refiring them could solve those pinholes? What do you recommend in this cases? or how to avoid them? I read about firing schedules, specially on bisque to get rid of the impurities of the clay. But don't know how to! I would LOVE to have someone that teaches everything about ceramics in my country (ECUADOR) but here we don't have much professional potters that could teach. So I have to read and do and learn from mistakes. I love this community! Also read about adding a 10 minute Hold to the glaze fire could help. PS: I really LOVE how black clay looks, but I'm feeling a little disappointed with how hard it is to handle and solve it's problems, I know its about practice practice practice. Thank you!
  5. and you dry them on drying racks or plaster?
  6. Yeah, me too to make them fast, how thick do you make them?
  7. very useful, more pros... THANKS! Other: too special.. Sometimes I just want to give up making plates :/ Other other: here only lots of rain!
  8. Yep! that has happened! haha I thought the reason could be that the plate was a bit thin... and do you recommend a minimum size of how much tall the ring should be? Thanks!
  9. Hello! Hope you all are doing great! I'm a new potter only 3yrs experience(self taught), and I've always wondered.. is there a technical reason why we need foot on our plates?.. does it prevent warping or something like that? thanks!
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