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  1. Could yall send me your emails so I can send photos? I've read other posts and yall seem to really be able to help other people...just a thought. Im not a business or anything, just trying to see if the kiln is worth moving.
  2. Yes, I will try that. I sent all the photos to the Facebook site, but I dont think it is monitored as well.
  3. I even tried starting a new question, still won't allow me to add photos, but thanks for trying to help.
  4. Thank you, Denise. We have the proper wiring. It will be located in our garage. If I could just get the pictures to load....
  5. I keep getting a message saying that 1 file was too big so it has been skipped. Everytime I try to load a new one, I get this message. Thank you for trying to help me.
  6. I'm trying to post pics from my phone, but i don't know their individual URL.
  7. I've been given a kiln. It is an Olympic with an LT-3K Sitter. My husband can replace the end plug. I will add photos. I would like to start off with simple bowls, cups and plates. I dont know if this is a good kiln or not. No local classes or studios to fire because canceled due to Covid. Any advice would be so appreciated. I dont know how to share my photos of the kiln. I dont know their URL.
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