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  1. Thanks Roberta...ummm, I am not certain if I have a downdraft vent? where/what is that?
  2. Hello, I am firing my L&L electric kiln with mostly white stoneware (as well as black vulcan) and had some questions about the post firing cool down. I can get a little impatient so need some guidelines so it doesn't get the better of me. I have a top peep hole and two side ones. I generally leave the top one open during the entire firing...the side ones are sometimes in, sometimes not in...I haven't been great at keeping track and observing any effects (erps). Sometimes I pull out the peep holes at the side during the cooling down, maybe around 400F, today I did it at over 700F and heard some crackling...still too hot to open so no idea what happened yet. What temp do you open peep holes? What temp do you crack the lid? What temp to you open the lid? This is for both bisque & glaze fire. Many thanks!
  3. I got it out! My pottery teacher helped me out - we dripped more water, just a teeny bit at a time into the hole from top and bottom, let it sit for a moment and it evenutally came out - but the piece did separate at one of the joins, we mended it and shall see how it comes out - may well have cracks... hopefully glaze will fill it in - Thanks for all the suggestion!
  4. I was using this paintbrush while hand building and it has been in there for a few days. I cannot get it out. I tried a bit of water, I tried poking wire alongside it. any ideas? what if I trim off the metal top and fire it as is???? https://pin.it/1A06pBh
  5. yes, absolutely - i just totally forgot to sort out the bottom, I hand built it and normally throw - when I throw I have a proper trim session but with this guy I just sort of blanked on the bottom trim and totally forgot...it was too thick, possibly a bit wet
  6. thanks - i am always very attentive to the bottom of my pots that I throw - but this was a large hand built pot i made over the course of many sessions, i just totally neglected it! Lesson learned!
  7. Wipe down, then open for fresh air so the fresh air doesn't just send things into the atmosphere. Also breathing well (basic yoga & pranayama) and perhaps a simple saline nasal spray on days when you think there has been dust. The air filters are great as long as they aren't too blow-y. Humidifiers can help. I use essential oil diffusers in my workspace. Come up with a workable plan, don't worry too much! You are right to look after your health, but just don't let that make you nuts!
  8. Fresh air is good AFTER you have mopped up. Otherwise it will just get all the little particles sitting on stuff into the air. Wipe things down, then open the doors/windows. You need a really great playlist to listen to for the wiping down process!
  9. How would you add the vinegar? Like when you are wedging? I have allergies and I need to watch this stuff...I am unsure how to best to store the clay after I open the bag...
  10. Thanks...you do that with the polishing disc after bisque and/or glaze fire? I'll have to get one of those...I think I have been neglecting my bottoms!
  11. Hi community... I am in the midst of planning a studio building for ceramics. At the moment I have a very, very cold workshop room off my pantry that used to be a coal (ground floor, with its own door) cellar so quite raw, cement floor, brick walls. I have various tools in there, some of my work and my kiln. I am working in my dining room at a large table and using my credenza and window sills for putting works in progress. This is a temporary situation and I am focusing on ceramics as an artist more and more. I want to build a studio outside the house and have been trying to weigh up pros and cons of keeping the kiln(s) in the room off my pantry (there's nothing else in there, empty except my ceramics so it's fine to leave it in there) or having one or two kilns in the new studio - which will require some design specs to keep it safe. I starting working with ceramics during lockdown so still figuring out my rhythm of work. I would love to know your thoughts and experiences of having or not having things in different areas... Thanks so much
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