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  1. Thank you all so much for the replies & help! I’ve ordered some large cones so at least I’ll be able to tell what’s happening next time instead of just relying on the kiln sitter (first mistake, haha). I will definitely read some of the forum posts on pinholes, as well! Great idea! All of the elements are at least glowing, but it’s absolutely possible that some of them are on their last leg, thus not working to their full potential. We just purchased a multimeter volt tester, so I’ll check each element this evening and see what’s happening. From everything I’ve read I assumed somethi
  2. Hi all! I’m new here I’ve thrown lots of ceramics over the years, as a student in a classroom setting (so, lots of ceramics classes where someone else loaded & fired the kiln, haha), but am brand new to firing my own kiln. I recently set up a studio off the side of our garage, and acquired a used Duncan EA 1020-2 manual kiln. I bisque fired about 25 pieces to cone 06 with no obvious issues; firing took about 10.5 hours with top peep hole open (I don’t have a vent, so needed oxygen to enter the kiln in some way - figured leaving a peep hole open was the best option?). I boug
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