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  1. Thanks! I think I get it for the most part, but what exactly do you mean by a setting bucket and a resting bucket? Could you explain to me the process between the throwing bucket + the 3 other buckets? And then also, what do you do for cleaning water?
  2. Thanks for this! What about cleaning water? Do you just keep 1 bucket of water going for that, and let it settle each night? And to clarify your bucket system: - The first bucket collects scraps, slip, throwing water and breakage - The second bucket is just water that you've siphoned off from the first bucket? - And the third bucket is just one more bucket of siphoned water to make sure it's extra clear? And then do you just wipe out the clay that's settled at the bottom of those buckets, and put it in bucket 1?
  3. Hi all! NYC clay studios have been closed for almost a full year and I'm desperate to start throwing again. I'm considering getting a Shimpo Aspire wheel and throwing in my NYC apartment. But, obviously, I will not be able to use the sinks at all -- except to get clean water. I'm curious if anyone has a home setup using only buckets -- for both cleaning, and also for recycling clay? If so, Id love to know how you do it! (I know Ill need to be careful of dust, sponge clean/mop only, etc!) Thank you, Claire
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