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  1. Thanks guys so I'll do a 12 hour bisque firing and see if it makes it to 04, So I was not giving it enough time to reach the cones on the shorter firing For my bisque ans glaze firings I have been spending at least 2 hours on low 2 on medium and the rest on high and that seems to have worked, I shall go back to that and see how it goes Thanks for help
  2. Hey so I'm some what new to kilns and repairs, I got this kiln from an estate sale it needed a few parts but it was fully functional so far I've successfuly completed 2 full firing cycles bisque and glaze to 1080°c I'm happy with the results. I've been planning some cool peices for Christmas presents and I need to fire ASAP but the last fire I did Was a fix up firing for peices that needed to go a bit hotter and the kiln sitter didn't turn off lucky I was there to shut it off, I checked it and the cone 04 hadn't melted, the wares were fine and seemed to have done ok; I hadn't been using
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