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  1. Hey Neil, thanks so much for your response! I will try it when it cools down
  2. Hi everyone, I recently took the plunge and got myself a new Skutt 818 kiln. I set it up and started a test fire like they recommended in the manual. But while it was firing, I noticed a gap between the lid and the main body. I'm not sure if it's a fitting issue and if I have a defective model but I wanted to get opinions from those who have more experiences with kilns before contacting the dealership. In the last image of the two bars, the bottom bar is not perfectly sitting parallel to the body of the kiln so I'm wondering if that's the cause of the issue. Should I send it back or get it repaired? Thank you all for your replies!
  3. Yeah that's good to know, I have decided to move on and look for a kiln that fires at up to at least cone 8
  4. Thanks, @Hulk! The seller is actually also a kiln technician and he seemed very knowledgeable. I just didn't know if I was getting a good deal with $700 CAD. The overall condition wasn't bad but I was also curious to know if it was worth it to buy a kiln that was already 30 years old that can only go up to cone 6 max with or without the middle ring. The kiln is still up for sale but I don't know if I should take the plunge with this one in particular.
  5. @neilestrick thanks for your opinion! I will be more patient and see what I can find. Used kilns are pretty difficult to come by up in the north
  6. Hi there, I'm finally at the stage in my pottery journey where I think buying a kiln would be a worthwhile investment. I've been scouring the internet for several months with no success until I got an offer to buy an old kiln: Skutt Model C181 with all the furniture and other accessories. I already went to check it out in person and the condition was fairly good considering that it was 30 year old kiln but he was asking for $950 CAD which I brought down to $700 CAD. I don't mind buying a used kiln to learn more about firing and glazing but I also don't want to overpay for it. I live in Canada so there's not a lot of pottery equipment for sale but I am willing to pass on this if it's a bad deal. Here are the images from the seller down below: Thank you so much for all your help
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