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    Hoping to eventually sell my pottery....I have the 'creating' thing down--yet much to explore----but mostly focused on glazing---I find it exciting, challenging and frustrating! (which motivates me to figure it out!!! ) ....ADDITIONALLY---I am into photography, beading, making metal windchimes, woodworking---hoping to merge my art interests. Then...there are my 3 wonderful Ukulele's ......and cats who's fur has contaminated almost all of my pottery pieces! I was hoping to coin the business name 'Hairy Pottery'....but, it is taken. Bummer :/
  1. Oldlady.....yes! That timer! Its the first thing I turn on before firing up..... Sorcery.... Good thing your little rodent friend didn't climb up your pant leg! eeek! lol This was the most uneven firing I have ever done. My last firing was decent---but, variance in firing temps per witness cones 5.5-a bit over 6 on various shelves. Top shelf over fired (witness cones show ^ 6.5+, ---color burnt out of slips and underglazes) Forgot to put kiln packs on center shelves when I rearranged things while loading---most pieces were okay but some appeared to be e a bit over fired
  2. Yes it is....lol! .....been one of those days....my cat snapped a string on one of my ukeleles....so, while waiting to flip switches on the kiln, I learned how to restring and to put ukes WHERE MY CATS CAN't GET TO THEM! Much learning going on....... Tomorrow, hopefully there will be pretty pots to welcome into the world!
  3. I think I used the term....candling incorrectly (that's for bisque).....should have said the slow warming period (?) to allow any moisture to escape (i am sure there is a proper name for this...ramping?). I very much appreciate your reply----stress level has lowered! but, still crossing my fingers! I have been into pottery for about 5 years....but, only about 6 glaze firings under my belt....this is a learning moment! "CHECK SWITCHES!" lol...with a little urrugh.
  4. So, I have an old Evenheat 5320lt.....Apparently after last firing, I never turned the switches to OFF. Not aware of this, I started up my glaze firing with top four switches all on (lid propped, peeps open for what was supposed to be my 2 hour soak) thinking that I was turning the bottom switch on (which I actually turned off). Came out 15 minutes later and it was at 435 * EEEEK! Not knowing what to do....I shut it down ...let it cool to 285 for about an hour ---my best guess (??) was to stop cooling while it was somewhere above 212*.....I then started it back up (bottom switch only) left li
  5. Thank you for that info...makes sense. Where this 'crazy idea' popped into my head is from my friend who is an airbrush artist he uses this technique to create depth and a 2D effect....but I am taking into consideration that this technique (over dry coats of paint) is not the same as melting glaze......lol....but, I thought 'why not try?' I did it just on the rims and handles of mugs...and some drips.....we shall see!
  6. Silly question....if you layer a clear glaze, then add streaks of an opaque glaze, another coat of clear, then opaque streaks, etc.....when fired, will the opaque just melt in with the clear and become muddy/cloudy mess? I am hoping it will give some dimensional depth...but, I am leaning towards the results being muddy....but, going to try it anyway on a piece.....just for kicks. (I will post my results either way).
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