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  1. John, you never cease to amaze me with your ingenuity. Thanks for this! Cate
  2. Amaco's layering is lovely in the charts, but it's definitely not as easy to reproduce as it looks. Do follow Chris's advice Also, they glaze the whole cup in both glazes, and many combos I suspect are not stable or foodsafe, especially the Palladium and Saturation Metallic. Look closely at the pics - many are pinholed - so just don't assume they are good fits to all clay
  3. LOL. I was watching a Simon Leach video the other day and he was talking about potters trying to be all "Japaneezy" I think was the term. Made me giggle From someone who thinks it's hilarious to see Western potters pretending they're 19th century Japanese potters, thanks for the above. Jim
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