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  1. I also have a newer glaze that is MSD-60 Walnut Spice. I bought it dry, like I always do and noticed that is was settling fast after the first mixing and glazing. I had a partial pint of (clear liquid that helps glaze not crawl) I cannot remember the name at the moment. So, I added some and feel like I may have introduced bacteria because now it settled to a nearly hard consistency. Will Epsom salts work for this issue too?
  2. Thank you Magnolia Mud! I assume that my applications are too light and that is why they burnt off before. I will go for another application and then, should I run it through a second bisque before a glaze firing?
  3. Hello! I need some specific help with using RIO. I typically use stoneware clay #50 from Laguna and bisque to 06-04 and glaze to cone 5. I have applied RIO to my bisque ware and attempted to fire directly to cone 5 alongside glaze. The result was that the RIO had burnt off completely. So, I need specific steps: Bisque normally, apply RIO, re-bisque? What cone? Apply glaze and fire to full cone temp? Do I need to add flux to the RIO? I read 50/50 RIO and Gerstley Borate was needed to prevent the stain from burning out. Please advise. I cannot find any step by step help!
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