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  1. I also had replaced the rod and followed all of the adjustment instructions from the manual. I did notice the old rod was visibly bent, but seems it was somehow working better with the bent rod than the new one (I.e. firing for longer). Also, the sitter cones used to look way under fired even though the glaze was reaching proper temp and kiln was shutting off after about 5-6 hrs. Now the sitter cones look right, but kiln shutting off after just 3.5 hours and everything under fired. Any other parts in the tube that could be the cause of the problem? I feel like it is such a mystery, no ide
  2. Thanks everyone for the support. I checked the coils and seem to be fine - here is what it looks like after about 5 minutes.
  3. So you are suggesting to heat it up slower, maybe one hour at each level if I understood your comment correctly?
  4. Still doing the exact same procedure to heat up the kiln but the sitter shuts off way earlier for some reason. 1 level every 1/2 hour up to 5. Then used to go for about 3 hours after max now shuts off after about 1/2 hour and everything coming out under fired.
  5. Never used a bar cone but I suppose I could see if they are available at the nearest supply store. Thanks for the suggestion.
  6. Thanks for your quick reply! Used a piece of duck tape to hold up the release trigger and glaze came out looking perfect so seems it is the sitter and not the kiln. Use to fire for about 6 hrs but shuts off at only 3 hrs now. Cone in sitter looks a bit over, so i dont think there is any small adjustment on the trigger that I can do to increase the firing time.
  7. When doing a glaze fire with 06 Cone , the sitter shows that it reached temperature but the glaze is under fired. With 04 cone bisque fire, everything seems fine. I adjusted the sitter as per manual and replaced the rod as well. Kiln was working fine until it overfired by a few hours one time. Since then, it keeps shutting off earlier than it should even though the cone in the cone sitter looks like it fired correctly. I'm not sure what else to adjust, would really appreciate anyone who might know what could cause this. Thanks, Paulo
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