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  1. Thank you Neil, with this info I am going to leave my sitter as is. as for my glaze, I wonder if it is too thick. I mixed (it came dry) per the instructions provided. It is thick. I am keeping notes on everything and have reached out to my local shop that mixes it and asked, we’ll see what they say. if I continue to have glaze trouble I will start a thread in the appropriate forum. thank you to everyone that has offered info/opinion/help!!
  2. Bill, thank you. I thought that the witness cone should only fold over to the top of the base, hence why I thought it was over fired. the glaze is from my local ceramics shop, it is their house brand and is 04-6. Over night I was thinking I should try firing at cone 5.
  3. Well, I was aiming for a Cone 6. There is a 5,6,7. Looks over fired as does the sitter bar. also my cone 6 white glaze ran everywhere. I think this means it was over-fired. what to do now? I think it would be ok except for the cone 6 glaze white glaze. And yes I will be chipping away at a few of my shelves ( they did have fresh layers of kiln wash on them)
  4. Here is my witness cone and sitter bar. I did have more witness cones but this is the only one that mattered.
  5. Neil, Just want to make sure, I make the gap a hair smaller? Thank you,
  6. It was a self supporting cone and it was maybe halfway down. I am not so worried about the bisque firing because I am aiming for 05 in the 06-04 range but am worried that it will be really far off for the Cone 6 firing. I will post the pic when I can. Thank you
  7. Neil, I ended up getting at 1027 with a sitter. It was in good condition and I don't have to worry since it can fire to Cone 10 and I am aiming for 6. Thank you for your help.
  8. I just did a bisque fire to 05 and the witness cone did not bend all the way over. They pryro bar was bent to a perfect 90 degrees. (I can't find the picture but will add it later if I need to). I am going to do a Cone 6 glaze fire this weekend and am worried that I will not get all the way to 6 with the sitter set up the way it is. I used the proper firing gauge to calibrate it and have a 1/16 of an inch between the weight and the hook. I was wondering if I need to make this space smaller to get a little more heat? does this make sense? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  9. I picked up an old kiln that is rated at Cone 6. Since I plan to fire to cone 6 I was wondering what limits it to cone 6. I have to rewire the kiln so i was wondering if I can get cone 8 coils and a new controller so that I would not be firing at the top end. It seems to me that the difference in the cone rating has to due with the controller and coils and not the kiln its self. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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