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  1. thank you liambesaw and Roberta12... nice to know about the Cerdec stains.
  2. I like to experiment with mason stains for some of my pieces that are fired at cone 6. Crimson is one of my favorite colors but I can never count on what color I will get. Perhaps it is the colors it comes in contact with? I have attached two pieces, one using the colors tangerine, praseodymium #6450 and crimson; and the other teal, praseodymium and crimson. Can anyone tell me why the crimson has turned pale brown in the orange/yellow piece, but shows up crimson against the yellow and teal? I'm not a chemist, but from color theory I would have expected the teal to muddy the crimson.
  3. I fired my bisque to cone 06. Glad to hear that I'm not the only one having difficulty with this glaze. Thanks so much for your response. -Rita
  4. Thanks sooo much for all the recommendations. Truly appreciate it! -Rita Mattson
  5. Since I've been asking how to tweak my current clear gloss glaze recipe so it doesn't get pan hard, perhaps I should be asking for a new recipe that someone knows doesn't get pan hard, and can be brushed on, as opposed to dipped or poured. I have been using the Spectrum or Amaco glazes and have been happy with the results, but the cost and availability here on the island of Maui requires I start making my own glazes. I'm not a production studio, just a small home shop ( 12' x 15') rmaking pieces for myself, family and friends. All supplies I need must be shipped to the island f
  6. thanks so much for the advice. I will try making my own CMC brushing medium. -Rita
  7. I made this glaze using a recipe from the 33 Tried and True Glaze Recipes published by Ceramics daily.org, but have had problems with it flaking off of bisque ware. I tried adding an epsom salt solution to the second glaze pic, but it still flakes off. What can I add to this already made glaze to prevent this? Thank you, Rita Wright’s Water Blue GlazeCone 1-6 OxidationGlaze Material Percentage Lithium Carbonate 3% Strontium Carbonate 9 Frit 3110 59 Edgar Plastic Kaolin 12 Flint17 Total100% Add:Bentonite2% Copper
  8. thank you for the replies. I am brushing on my glazes, and sometimes spraying using a metal atomizer.
  9. Hello, I'm new to this forum and hope I'm asking this question of the correct group. I found this clear gloss glaze recipe from this forum and have used it with success. However, the glaze becomes panhard very quickly, and dries on bisqueware far too fast. I guess it needs to be deflocculated? Is there something else I should have added to this recommended recipe at the start? Original post: Posted December 29, 2010 Here is a cone 6 clear for oxidation: So Clear (from Michael Sherrill w
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