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  1. thank you all! I don't want any random leftover glaze, I want 1-2 awesome glazes, tested and tried! I did go to the websites and looked at images, but being rather new to glazing (only took a couple semesters of ceramics many years ago), I do appreciate everybody's advice! The kids were 10, 12 and 14 and 2 of the pieces are mine (the largest panel of houses and the soap dish).
  2. Dear ceramic masters, I teach art to a small group of kids and we just had a few weeks of "clay play". We used Amaco low fire white clay to create sculptures (that we did not fire) and also a few slab pieces that we will fire at a friend's kiln. Since it is a one-time endeavor, I am looking to buy just a couple of great interesting and full proof low fire glazes, 1 pint each (to be applied to bisque fired pieces). I was thinking something blue-green that creates different shades depending on the thickness, making texture look interesting and a white or clear mostly for glazing the inside of the pieces. I've been thinking about Amaco Liquid gloss transparent turquoise or green, or Amaco F series. Please let me know iwhat yo uthink about that choice, and whether you have any better suggestions. Greatly appreciate your advice! Below are some of the kids' creations.
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