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  1. ok today i threw 33 mugs in 2 3/4 hours this would include wedging and weighing out the clay . so my question is how much work would be thrown in an average day for someone who makes a living as a potter.
  2. Ok here’s the thing I can make a product that is easy to produce and can pay the bills . This said I don’t consider it a part of my body of work so I will not sign them kind of soul less pots . Now I also want to make a high end level of pottery that I would change a premium for and I sign them because they are representing me and I put my heart into them . Your thoughts?
  3. Hey so people know I have skills here’s some shots of my work. This is what I can throw with eight pounds of clay. 11 1/4 tall the 11 mugs took forty five minutes to throw nothing special more like exercises for my hands .
  4. Hello I'm looking into different locations across Canada to set up shop. To tell everyone the truth I'm probably going to have a run at it .I'm betting everything on myself I deserve this I've given my whole life and made sacrifices for everyone but now it's my turn to have a go at my dreams . I've wanted this since I was seventeen so here I go and whats the worst that can happen I end up with a house thats paid off a newer vehicle .I'm planing to have a part time job to get out and meet new people. I believe in myself and know my pottery is saleable I sold when I was in my early twenties so now I've improved my skills . Anyways ill keep you'll posted about how it goes . My journey starts next June so I get to do two things i've always wanted to do build my own house and make pottery for a living.
  5. Hey I've decided Im quitting my job and putting my retirement into a tax free savings account. Ill find a different job that i can devote more time to pottery. Now with my display I'm going to build it out of baltic birch and laminate and will have a Scandinavian feel .Ill post the build when i build it . thankyou all for your advice.
  6. Hello thankyou guys for your input I'm reading more about this on your profiles.Im going to move from a big ceramic community to a smaller town . the place where i live is kinda meca for pottery in Canada i was the lead carpenter on the pottery museum rebuild.That being said i can definitely build the booth.I have a small studio in my garage now and I transport my work to fire it.Now i have an idea for a product that will sell for 15 dollars and id have to throw 5000 a year to around 50k and when i did the math i could scrape by on 24k a year. Im really tired of my job so I have to do something different also having a boss is no longer for me. My work ethic is very good because i wake up at five am and return home at five thirty and i have thrown fifty mugs in one sitting . Ever since i was seventeen I wanted to make my living as a potter so i'm betting every thing on myself. If I do this ill have a house thats paid for so whats the worst that can happen I go back to a job I dislike but will have no pension .Hmmm it a big choice to make Im most worried about having a marketing my work. If you have more words of wisdom it would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Yes i do have a plan and I've been making pottery for 27 years so the skill level is there . I have seven months to get a business plan together and refine my pottery offerings before i have to make a decision. It has been years developing glazes . I just have to build a 10x10 craft show display.plus learn about etsy, shipping, and advertising. Now I believe it can be done plus I plan to have a small part time job to keep me sane. I'll do more research.
  8. Ok i'm thinking of jumping all in with the pottery. I'm so done with my current job I have to do something new. Now what i want to do is pull my retirement funds and build a new house, studio,all the equipment,newer nissan nv 200,and still have enough cash to live for a year and a half. That said do you think a year will be long enough to get things off the ground? I'm just a bit gun shy on pulling the trigger on this because its a major life decision.
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