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  1. Hi All, We had our top loader electric kiln serviced today and the technician asked if we’d ever cooked a pizza in it... we haven’t... but apparently it’s excellent at doing it according to him. It got me wondering and pondering about any other alternative uses for kilns aside from pottery. A quick google suggested glass fusing, though it’s not optimal set up. Any other suggestions? Just curious on these long dark lockdown nights in the uk
  2. Hi all, First post and sorry if its a subject which has been covered before. Am new to making and had a few night classes earlier in the year before Covid shut everything down. Should be starting up soon though. In the meantime I bought a kiln and have started experimenting at home. My question is can I use an earthenware glaze on Stoneware? Stoneware is bisque fired to 1000c and then underglazed. I want to apply a clear glaze over that. The stoneware is Buff stone from Potclays in the Uk. Firing range of 1150- 1290c ( https://www.potclays.co.uk/buff-stoneware:-1150-1290-c?search=buff%20stoneware ) I'd like to keep the firing temp as low as possible in an attempt to keep the underglazes vibrant. I have some Earthenware glaze with a firing range of 1040 - 1140c ( https://www.potclays.co.uk/glossy-general-purpose-1?search=2206 ) and was wondering if I can apply it to the stoneware and fire to 1150.c and still achieve a clear, gloss finish I know the obvious answer is "Test Test Test!" but I've a kilns worth of ware that is just waiting for a coat of glaze.. Any suggestions or guidance would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Adam
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