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  1. Hello everyone, Hope everyone is doing well. I want to make a mould for an angular bowl. I have attached a sample picture taken from the internet. I wanted to understand how many parts are needed when making a mould, not necessarily for this bowl but for any other ware. some are 2 parts and some go uptown 4 parts, but how to decide how many parts are needed and why they are needed. Thanks a lot.
  2. Hi Mathew, it took some trials, but I managed to make a template for a bowl and a dinner plate out of a 8mm plexiglass glass. I made some moulds too, (its not as easy as it looks, for a newbie, of course, but works once you get a hang of it). Ill switch to a metal template once I know the plexiglass glass designs work fine for me. Thank you everyone for sharing the information. Really made things easy.
  3. Hello everyone, Greetings again and I really hope everyone is doing well during these trying times. Since last September I have managed to make few attempts at making moulds and templates, but of course I am facing some issues. Any help would be great. My moulds are not coming out clean from the inside. There seems to be lines, which I think is coming from the semi hard plaster which is stuck to my templates while I am moulding. No matter how much I clean the templates there still seem to be roughness in the mould. I am not sure the reason, but can the bevel of the template cause this? I am using a 8mm plexiglass as a template and have manually sand papered the bevels. Not sure how much of a slope am I supposed to give. I had to sandpaper the mould again once it dried but still not completely smooth. I am facing the same when I am shaping the clay. Thanks in advance.
  4. @Mark C. @oldlady Thanks a lot for the reply, really appreciate the help. @PeterHThanks a lot for the links. I think they completely solve my problem. I only need to start trying now. Thank you all again.
  5. Dear All, I need to understand how to make the moulds for a jigger jolly machine. Please could anyone share tips, books, links, that'll be great.
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