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  1. Hey guys, a curious thought occurred to me. Is there a particular methodology for ensuring that what someone is throwing--whether it be a bowl, bottle or mug--will hold a set amount of liquid by volume? Or, is it just trial and error, and keeping notes when you get the right dimensions? For example, here in the US most mugs are generally about 8 oz. in maximum capacity (although I prefer a generous 12 oz. myself!). But, what if one has a lb. of olive oil, and they want to put it into a handmade ceramic storage container instead?
  2. I have to wonder, then....is it possible to make a glaze that gives the effect of copper without using any precious metal alloys of a lustre?
  3. To clarify: IIRC the motion the author put into the clay actually changed its structure and made it more fluid, in a sense, by causing it to almost drip and run, whilst maintaining it's integrity and structure. ...if that makes sense. It was also quite a large and heavy book.
  4. Hey guys, back when I was in High School (I graduated in May of '96), I discovered a very interesting book from the School Library on unusual--but beautiful--pottery techniques! Unfortunately, I don't recall the title/ author of this book, but from what I recall it was a hardback with a mostly white or grey cover, and highly photographed. But, one of the techniques that I seem to recall was, the author was making an unusual lid to a beautiful box in which he or she seemed to change the texture of the clay by making it looser by--if I recall correctly--tossing the clay from hand to hand, which resulted in a clay that created these beautiful, soft texture that created these water-like patterns in the clay and a counter that perfectly matched the shape of the box. ...of course, this was 20+ years ago! Any of this ringing any bells?
  5. Hey guys, the summer before last at an annual yard sale event I spied some beautiful commercial ceramic mugs from World Market with a country-blue body and a metallic copper pedestal-foot (it was actually almost mirror-like in its shine). Nevertheless, this inspired an idea for a set of dinnerware that combines a gorgeous rose-colored glaze I discovered by one of the Big Glaze Manufacturers (I forget which, off hand) in addition to a shiny (dare I say, "lustrous"?) copper glaze! However, I cannot seem to find one. Does anyone know of a manufacturer that produces one? Heck, on a related note, I often seen photos of copper lusterware, yet....I am unfamiliar with any manufacturers of actual copper-luster. Thanks!
  6. Thank you CBD, and I'd love to see some of your kitchen work sometime!
  7. Hey guys, I like to specialize in utilitarian ceramics for the kitchen, but I've never found an answer for whether or not mixing bowls can withstand the force of an electric hand-blender; or, if one would need to specially prepare the bowl in each state of its creation to ensure its durability? Thanks!
  8. I'm in the west-central valley in Iowa. Thanks Hulk! Yes, it is close, but the clay seems to lack that...."warmth."
  9. Sure! Here are some examples! The yellow color is caused by the clay, not a glaze. Though they often are painted with white and blue stripes.
  10. Hey guys, I am wanting to reproduce a line of yellow ware, but finding a resource for clay that yields that warm buttery color once fired has been a significant challenge. Is this sort of clay even available anymore; or, would I have to make my own through trial and error? (Or, has someone already done that work for me?) Thanks! ~BPA
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