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  1. The screws on the lower right (pictured) are starting to fall out. So bummed. :/
  2. #5 The cracks on the lid are definitely across the whole kiln. I am so bummed.
  3. What can I buy to fix firebricks that have cracked all the way through. Skutt thinks my kiln is 40+ years old.
  4. Refurbishing Skutt KS-1027 240V single phase 48A, LT-3K with 2.5 inch thick bricks. Newbie kiln owner. I took a deep dive into buying my first used kiln. I have a lot of questions, and google isn’t popping up with the answers I’m looking for. 1. Can I replace my damaged kiln bricks with Lynn Manufacturing Insulating Fire Brick IFB rated at 2300F or other non-Skutt brand? 2. Can I cut the channels out with a Dremel tool? If so, what kind of bit would I need? 3. What gauge are the elements? May I replace my elements with kanthal 16 AWG wires. I saw a DIY video where the dude coiled his own elements. 4. What cement would be best to patch up superficial cracks on lid and bottom plate? Or glue for cracked seams/bricks? 5. How can I tell if lid and bottom plate cracks are cracked through and are structural issues? 6. I noticed that my metal stand, draw pull clasp and a few other exterior hardware pieces of rusted. I found some replacements on McMaster-Carr’s website. Does anyone have the stainless steel part numbers for the replacements? Don’t think I want to replace it with Skutt parts that will rust again. thoughts?
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