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  1. Thanks again Johnmicheal and thanks Hulk. I will keep all of this in mind if I do decide to tackle the bearings. I am still waiting for my clay to arrive so I can see how the wheel performs in its present condition. I am sure I will eventually have to replace the bearings, so this is all great information.
  2. Thanks Johnmicheal. That sounds logical. When freeing bolts I would heat the bolt and area around the bolt and apply paraffin to the threads. Then I would quickly apply ice to the bolt and use vice grips to remove the bolt. I now see that due to the configuration of this wheel, my options are limited. I picked up the wheel on Saturday (attached picture below) and I am not sure now if I am going to tackle the head right away. I did order a 8mm T-Handle wrench for when and if I try to tackle this wheel head removal. For now the wheel seems to be running smooth except for the slight ti
  3. Thanks Benzine and again Liambesaw for all the information and the vote of confidence for this particular wheel. I will be sure and do my due diligence before I make the purchase, but it appears to be just the kind of wheel I am looking for, simple and timeless.
  4. liambesaw, Just out of curiosity, does your wheel have the same motor in it? I have a refrigerator in my garage that is over 60 years old that just keeps chugging along. The only thing I have done to it is replace the door gasket. I think that maybe sometimes older may be better, at least as far as the motors go. Thanks
  5. Thanks for the information liambesaw. Hopefully the seller will call me and I can ask a few questions to narrow it down. If the cone can be moved away from the rubber disk, I think that would be key to ruling out the motor. The problem is the 3 hour drive to put eyes (and ears) on the wheel. I have heard that a motor replacement and finding a suitable motor is not that difficult, but as replacement parts keep adding up, the juice may just not be worth the squeeze. Thanks again
  6. Hi everyone, I am new to this site and I am interested in finding out when the RK designation was added to the Shimpo pottery wheels. I have located a wheel that appears to be in good used condition with a slight tick. The seller has described this as a bearing tick. I have researched online and found that these bearings are readily available for the RK Models and this wheel looks very similar to the Shimpo RK-2 Wheel. I am interested in this wheel due to its simplicity of design and the fact that it appears to be built like a tank. I know it would be a stretch to diagnose a w
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