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  1. The way the glaze breaks along the top edges and the colors in the top half make me think Amaco's iron lustre may be one of the glazes used.
  2. Thanks, all! I will scrape the shelf, apply more wash to all, and fire as usual. And store them properly between firings. Really appreciate the info.
  3. Hello! I have some questions about kiln shelf care and storage. — After my first glaze fire, some dark grit was left on the shelf surrounding some of my pieces. I’ll try to attach a picture. What is this? Should I scrape/sand it off? — I kiln-washed the shelves and fired them before firing any ware, per Skutt’s instructions. Going forward, what’s the best way to use kiln wash? I know when it gets old and flaky, you can scrape it off and reapply. Do you just re-wash the shelves, put ware on top, and bisque/glaze fire as usual? Or do the washed shelves need to be fired again before putting ware on them? — Is it ok to store kiln shelves on their sides? Or stacked on top of each other inside the kiln? Anything else I should know about shelf storage? These are the kinds of questions that are so basic you can’t find them online! Lol. Thanks for helping out a newbie.
  4. Hi, all. This seems like a silly question but I can't seem to find an answer anywhere. I have just completed the first test firing of my new Skutt kiln, which was great. At the end, the kilnmaster display told me the firing time, the temperature inside - all good. I pressed "stop," and now the display is cycling between "Idle" and the inside temperature. What next? How do I turn the kiln fully off until I use it next? Is there some sort of "sleep mode" so the display doesn't continue flashing a display 24 hours a day? Should I unplug it (I expect to use it somewhere between once a week and once a month)? The manual does not seem to have any information about turning the kiln off or best practices for storage. Thank you!
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