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  1. Hi all! I recently found out that Duncan got bought out by Mayco in November and therefore some of their glazes are getting discontinued and unfortunately one that I use often in my work is one of those. I was wondering if anyone has any advice on another glaze that might work as a replacement? I haven’t had much luck so far in my search and I am not brave enough to mix my own glazes at this point. https://duncanceramics.com/TM5-756-ANTIQUE-ROSE The glaze is a matte pastel pink color (see image). If someone has some pints they are willing to part with I’m open to buying them too. I love the True Matte 5 line from Duncan and hope that they aren’t discontinuing all of them. Thanks!
  2. I was recommended this clay by another potter. Her work looks so much lighter to me, and less dense speckled. Maybe I can try your idea of wedging in some white stoneware! Thank you for your ideas!
  3. Thank you! I am used to my glazes showing up brightly and not translucent-ish. I like the speckled coming through but I’d like them to stay strong still. I am only buying commercial glazes as this point, just moved everything to my home studio at this point.
  4. Hello! I recently purchased some Laguna Speckled Buff (WC-403) and have been throwing some pieces on the wheel. I have been looking for a perfect honey brown/light tan speckled clay and finally came across this one. Anyway, I made and fired some pieces with a Cone 6 cone in the kiln sitter and everything turned out kind of burned (?) looking and darker than I was expecting. I fired some more pieces but this time put a Cone 5 bar in the kiln sitter and got almost the same result My glazes also aren't showing up as well. Does anyone have any ideas of why it is coming out like this or have any advice? Thanks a bunch!
  5. Hello, I am purchasing a used Skutt KM-1027 automatic kiln and the peep hole plugs are damaged/need to be replaced. This is my first kiln so just wanted to get some advice on how to remove the old plugs? I have attached an image here for reference. Thanks! Lara
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