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  1. It's worth looking at all the options - and for a small kiln with 3 elements it may not cost a lot to upgrade. I can imagine a large kiln would be cost prohibitive. Gas is also a good option, but it can give very different firing results (which isn't always a bad thing :-).
  2. We need someone like you in New Zealand - there's only a couple of people in the whole country that work on kilns and now they're saying they're too busy to do anything else except service and repair kilns that they make and / or import. I'd love to learn more but I'm sure, like most specialised industries, it takes years and years of practical experience.
  3. Thank you for the advice. It is a very small kiln so perhaps re wiring won't cost too much. I'll look into it ... fingers crossed.
  4. I've got a small top loading kiln which states that the max firing temperature is 1000 degrees Celsius, however I really need to fire to Cone 6 (1240 ish). Is there any way a kiln can be converted or refurbished, or rewired in order for it to fire to a higher temperature?
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