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  1. the black work on that piece looks really nice! I will try 4 coats on the next piece. What do you mean by cone five fifteen to get cone 6? I was thinking to make a bisqueware clay slab prop with kiln wash applied to it. You think would that work?
  2. Drop and soak seemed to help, although I didn't glaze the underside which is were most the blistering was occuring. This newly fired piece didn't have any blisters so I will continue to use this technique on the PC-04 Palladium since it is a runny glaze. I followed orton's medium chart column, ramped at 108 d/h starting 180 degrees below cone 6, held for 10 minutes, allowed 5 minutes to drop 150 degrees, held there for 30 minutes, cooled to 1400 degrees at 150 d/h and then free fall. Here are the 04 bisque cones on the left and 6 glaze cones on the right (guide, target, guard). I ne
  3. No, like an ashtray. Bill, I looked up drop and soak, and that looks like it will do the trick, fingers crossed! I'm calculating a new firing profile now for my controller. I will be using the middle column of 108 f/h starting at 2232 F minus 180 F, and then apply drop and soak. I found this c6 drop and soak as well that I will try out. My 5, 6, 7 cones arrived, and my Porcelain Antique White NS124 slip, and Dover White NS4 slip are on the way. I decided to experiment both c6 stoneware and c6 porcelain.
  4. Ya it’s labeled as not food safe, my applications of “functional tray” is more like an ash tray, not a serving tray.
  5. Bill this would make sense, as to get “more resolution” in the important top end of the firing. I will recalculate my firing schedule before my next cone test.
  6. Thank you for the comments. I believe the links should be working now. Bill your results look great, I’d be happy with something like that. I never added anything to the slip, it came pre mixed. ya I think I really need to triple check my firing schedule when my cones come in. I also did read somewhere an Amaco engineer saying porcelains give better results on palladium. Would you suggest porcelain over Dover NS4? Since This is going to be a functional piece, My original idea was to use cone 10 stoneware to get the strongest parts. Through my journey so far from from
  7. Hi everyone, first post on this forum and i'm also new to ceramics. I've taken a really basic ceramics class long ago in college. I'm trying to slip cast a custom tray, but I'm having some trouble. I'm not sure if this is the best spot in the forum. I just finished building the my kiln. It has a 220v, 3840 watts element, 3 inch IFB23 inner walls with 2 inch ceramic fiber board wall shell, and 3 inch floor, with an inner volume of 18 inches wide by 9 inches deep and 6 inches tall. Controller is a raspberry pi with 5 inch touch screen. I modeled the part I'm trying to make in CAD, scal
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