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  1. WOW ! Thank you Community ! So many great ideas to explore . We are newly energized to find a solution. Bill : Thank you for the glaze recipe and all of the notes . We have made up 5 different test batches of glaze ( including the Studio white ) and have 5 new claybodies to try. This is our " we are starting over " plan of action ! Oldlady : Thank you also for the recipe! We brush in order to get consistent coverage. We have poured but with the white on white the pour marks can become problematic. We intend to move to spraying once we get that set up but while tryi
  2. Hello , Thank you for looking at these . Great to know which ones to steer away from right off the bat ! We are looking for a white gloss glaze with a slightly warm tone , not too harshly " liner glaze " Cone 6 . It needs to have consistent coverage as we applying with brushes. That's it . We do not measure the specific gravity other than the good ole finger test. : )
  3. Hi Oldlady .. golly if you are in your 20's I'm ruined. LOL Thank you for your question . Yes, the presets had been working well until now.
  4. Hi Hulk .. I assume that with the vent hole at the bottom of the kiln I am getting as much oxygen as possible . The clay body is a medium white stoneware .
  5. Hey Min ! Attached are a few new glazes that we were going to try . If there are any that stand out as good or bad please let us know. Thank you White Gloss Glaze Options - Google Docs.pdf
  6. MIN: My mistake Min . We did actually test your version of the glaze but the result was the same. We did not do a slow cool or any of the other vary fire programs with it though.
  7. Hulk : inside and outside glaze is pinholing not much difference . Maybe .. worse on the inside at times but that may be only application. The thicker the glaze application , the worse it does seem to be. I'm so grateful to have people to ask .. thank you
  8. Hello ! and thank you ! Hey Hulk : We did try a slow cool firing . It did not help . The glaze brushed and applied on the inside and outside. It's fairly simple .. or so it should be. I don't know about the elevation but I have tried to do this firing in 2 different studios . I am We store the glaze in plastic bucket . I mix them usually with a stainless steel paddle/ spoon or a mixer . Sometimes we use a wooden one also ? I have not used the wooden spoon in the smaller commercially made pints I have tried. Water ~ this has occurred to me as there was a filt
  9. Hello .. I'm with Liz C and we are still struggling with this issue and at a total loss for what to try next. Thank you to everyone who has posted on this ! It would seem that it was a glaze issue but testing commercial glazes in the same load leads us a bit dumfounded. We have now tested commercial glazes (cone 6 )on different clay bodies and we are still having the pinhole issue in the firings . We have used witness cones and everything seems to be correct. The bisque schedule we have been recently trying is a new vary fire program holding the ware at 15
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