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  1. Hey guys ! @liambesawand @Min So I ended up trying liam’s version it didn’t really solve the problem .... still got weird pinholing. Min I definitely will try your recipe next. So with the kilns... they are reaching cone 6. I have done 15 minute holds as well that have even hit a hotter 6 more like 7. The pinholing still happened. To be fair not as severely. I currently am out of 5 and 7 witness cones so my last firing was in the dark but that kiln has consistently hit cone 6. So I don’t feel like that’s it.. maybe I don’t know maybe do longer holds?? Increase by half a cone lik
  2. @liambesaw That would be awesome ... definitely worth a shot. epk -13 Minspar- 25 gerstley borate - 33 silicia- 21 calcium carb- 10 zircopax- 15 Let me know what you think... thanks.
  3. @liambesaw So the clay is a commercial standard clay body... light stoneware. the glaze is comprised of epk, minspar, gerstley borate, silica, calcium carb., zircopax nothing is crazy new it’s been in 50 lb bags for about a year? I haven’t recorded each new bag which is a good idea moving forward... is it possible that materials can be effected from sitting around for periods of time? Can older materials cause issues?
  4. Hello, My white gloss glaze has recently started pinholing I believe. We have been using it for years with no issue. i initially started with the kiln it is firing to temp. We fire slow bisque and slow glaze programs to 06 and 6. I have tried bisquing to 04 with a hold on the end but the defect came back... I have tried a hold on the end of a glaze firing (20 minutes) with little improvement. We have tried the ware with this glaze in 3 different kilns all have the same problem especially on larger ware. We have also tried wiping down the ware lightly with a sponge on both
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