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  1. Thanks for the good info. I’ll be doing this in the next few days and will keep you all posted...
  2. Thanks for the info. What I have is a blue bird 650-really cavernous. It was given to me . I assume that’s what you mean by a machine to pug out the clay. So far I’ve Been the machine. It is so large I have been hesitant about running it. I have about 450-500 pounds of clay from 2017. It is on the dry side. Fine for hand building but very hard to center. I thought I’d start putting in a little clay and adding some clay from my bucket a bit at a time. So...experimentation it is! Thanks again. Dan
  3. I had an old Blue Bird 650 fall into my lap. I feel very fortunate for this bit of luck and circumstance. I replaced bearings and changed out the motor oil and fired it up. It is a large machine! I put a 5 gallon bucket of recycled clay into the business end and it never made it thru the machine. I like throwing with soft clay and would like to run my boxed clay thru the mill to soften it. How much water should I add? I plan to run several hundred pounds thru the mill.
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