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  1. Anyone have thoughts or tips on refiring a bowl with a small spot that has crawled ? I’m pretty sure I just glazed it a little thick in that area (I haven’t had any crawling with this glaze- hundreds of pots later). Thinking I can just apply some glaze to patch the spot and refire? But not sure if once it crawls, there is no fixing. Any tips appreciated! Thanks!!
  2. @Hulkha! I feel you on the holiday firings! But yeah, it was just a gut-reaction (was going to run a bisque...then there was something about it that felt off) that I wasn't sure has any validity. I guess there aren't enough potters for the DOH website to mention kiln usage, ha! It just seems like it fits in the category of grilling, car exhaust, etc. But I could be wrong! Anyways...curious what others thoughts are. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Hey all, I am curious what other PNW'ers are doing right now about firing if you're in the thick smoke areas. I know that it is ill advised to light up the grill/do anything that adds to the smoke and poor air quality. It seems like a kiln would be similar- as far as my vent and the chemicals it puts out there. I am wondering if anyone is postponing their firing until it gets better, or just going along as usual? Just trying to err on the side of caution here and not add to the already-miserable situation... Thanks!
  4. Thanks Mark! I couldn’t agree more. I still don’t have enough practice with plates- but I am looking forward to giving them more attention. I really appreciate your tips! Gorgeous plates, too- thanks for sharing!
  5. Oh nice- thanks for those references. I will definitely look them up!
  6. Oh that’s smart. I always use a gauge but I think I like the idea of having a finished one sized at what they should be wet to compare with. Thanks for the tip! Lovely plates!
  7. Thanks Denice! I have definitely considered that method- as I feel like I see more and more potters doing plates that way. I’ll look more into it! Do you happen to have the article title?
  8. Thanks Mark! Ah-ha, that makes a lot of sense. I think I need to focus on a taller foot. I assumed that it was the rim getting in the way (hence focusing on that aspect of the form), but it must be that the foot is too short. Thank you!
  9. Hey everyone! I am curious if anyone has any tips for throwing plates and keeping the curve/shape of the sides consistent so they stack well? I am a production potter and typically throw about 10-20 a time and they stack well- but it feels like every batch tends to be a little different. I would love to be able to keep the shape more consistent so customers could purchase more for their set a year (or whenever) later without worrying they won't stack right. Anyone else have this issue with plates? While I am of course all about the charm of each one being unique (hence why, after much th
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