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  1. Thank you so much for all the help and advice. I’m definitely on the hunt! And one last question... can I use the pots if they seem like the glaze mature? Sone obviously went wrong but others seem ok.
  2. Wow, Bill and Neil! Thank you so much for the great info and helping me through this! Finally, if we go the route of finding a used Cone 10 kiln, can you suggest good places to look? Is there some kind of online marketplace for ceramic equipment? I've looked on craigslist before with very little luck. Thanks again! Jenifer
  3. Thanks Bill! Darn! That is too bad. So, my next question is... would it make sense for us to try to re-jigger the kiln? My husband is a mechanical engineer, so we probably COULD do it, but we would need some direction, for sure. Is there a good reference for such a project? If it's really involved, maybe better to try to find a Cone 10 kiln 2nd hand? Best regards, Jenifer
  4. Thank you for all your answers! It is a Cress B-23-H, serial number 7501, 240v, 25 amps. Does that help? I do really want to regularly fire to ^6; we "inherited" this kiln from a friend who asked to store it at our place over 20 years ago and we just got it up and running this past year. I took it to ^5 for my first glaze firing and it seemed to work great. Then a second successful ^04 bisque, and finally this weekend's infinite ^5 firing. If this kiln is not designed to go to cone 6, does it make sense to alter it so that it can? I would love the benefit of your expertise -- I didn't know you could have custom elements made. Would we have to rewire the rest of the kiln to accommodate that change? Much obliged for all of your insights!
  5. Did I mention I was up until 3:00 AM?!? My kiln is a Cress B-23-H.
  6. Hi All, Looking for some advice. I have an old Cress B-24 electric kiln that my husband refurbished for my. I've successfully fired two bisque batches to Cone 04 and one glaze batch to Cone 5, but this last firing went awry. I was loosely following Zakin's 1-day Cone 6 glaze firing from Electric Kiln Ceramics, but after slowly ramping up (manually), the sitter never tripped and none of my witness cones bent at all (I had put a pack of Cone 4, 5, & 6 in front of the top peephole. I finally gave up after 15 hours as it was 3:00 am, and manually turned the kiln off. I'm using a few Laguna glazes from their Morrocan Sand line and two from Clay Planet, all cone 5/6, on B-mix. Some of the glazes seem fine and others have not matured well, especially interiors of lidded jars. Also have a bit of crawling and cracking, especially on two of the matte glazes (one from each supplier, actually). In addition, in this glaze firing and the last one, using the same glazes and clay body, I'm getting a lot of pinging. I'd like to re-fire and I would also like to add some glaze to some of the pots, but am not sure if that would be a good idea. Any and all advice much appreciated!
  7. Thanks Everyone! Great advice. I am using Laguna pre-mixed powders. I suppose that toxicity depends on the individual glaze formula.
  8. I'm hoping someone can advise me about the proper way to dispose of the remnants of unfired glaze solution that results from washing utensils and containers that have been used to mix or store glaze. We are not connected to municipal sewer and have a septic system. My studio has running water, but the sink empties into a bucket which I usually dump outside. I hope I am correct in assuming that the clay sludge I end up with after washing my tools is okay to dump in my yard, but I am concerned about doing the same thing with glaze. Thanks in advance for your advice!
  9. Thanks everybody! Your advice has been really helpful! I think I've got the kiln sitter dialed in, have cleaned up my shelves, and am hoping to conduct my first bisque fire tomorrow!
  10. Thanks Marc. I meant to attach photos when I posted. Here they are. Advice greatly appreciated!
  11. Hi All! I'm so excited to be joining this forum! After MANY years I am finally working in my own studio with an old, left-behind kiln. My lovely, supportive, engineer husband has kindly built me a space and helped me to refurbish an old Cress electric kiln that was left at our house over 20 years ago. I have two questions: 1. We replaced the kiln setter assembly tube and just tried to test the kiln to Cone 04, but the sitter engaged early, way before the junior cone bent to 90 degrees. Can anyone advise me on how to identify the correct position for the plate that holds up the sitter claw to the proper location? And, 2. The kiln shelves that were left with the kiln have some stains that look like burns and/or rust stains. I'm wondering if these might cause discoloration to my work during firing? Thank you so much for any advice; I look forward to learning from you all!
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