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  1. Hi all, Thanks for your replies! @Bill Kielb yes, Fiesta ware is the exact look I'm after - and yes, totally aware that an appropriate glaze is needed so would be looking for a semi-matte (or matte if you can use that for tableware) clear to go over top and really make the colours POP. Thanks for the recommendations @neilestrick @Min I've definitely considered the cost of colouring my clay body (even though that's really the look I'd love - bright coloured body with clear glaze over top). By flat I really mean solid pigmentation (so I guess I can paint the underglaze all over) but I'd also like to achieve as matte a finish as tableware (foodsafe) will allow also. Can any underglazer remain exposed/unglazed or will it wear and be unsafe for food? Thanks!
  2. Hi all, Currently I work with mid-fire slip and glaze my work 'traditionally' to achieve quite muted, natural tones. I'm thinking about making some wares that I want to be BRIGHT and flat in colour - like popping, primary colours. I'm wondering what the best way to achieve this level of colour would be? In my experience using stains in glazes never seems to achieve the flatness I'm after. I would suspect a coloured slip might be the answer but again using stains only seems to result in pastels - what is the average ratio of stain to slip to achieve a full bodied red for example? Or would I paint the work all over with an underglaze? Or something else. All suggestions appreciated!
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