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  1. Thank you! I also use the studio's glazes, so I am hopeful that all will turn out well.
  2. Hello! Does anybody have experience firing Standard Clay 112 or 182 to cone 06/6? These are the clays that I work with and typically my studio fires to cone 05/5. However, I have recently started working out of home and found a studio nearby that will fire my work, but to cone 06/6. I want to be sure that I like the result before committing to the change.
  3. @oldlady My current stamp is clear acrylic, but I think the rectangular shape of it does not work quite right. I am looking to replace it with a rubber stamp so that I can use underglaze rather than impress into the clay. Just trying to decide whether I want the same signature or something new! Thanks!
  4. Hi Everyone! Hoping to get some tips on using Amaco bisque fix, before I use on some of my pieces. I know this can be great for sealing cracks, but the problem I have run into is that my stamp does not press into greenware well. I wish I had tried to fix with slip before firing, but I was working too quickly. I do not want to give up some of these pieces since this is just the bottom! And they otherwise look nice. My plan was to try using bisque fix to fill in the stamp impression, sand the piece, and paint over with white underglaze. Then I can ideally re-stamp with underglaze instead of impressing into the clay. For those who have used bisque fix, does this seem like it may work? Can bisque fix be used on the bottom or could it potentially stick to the kiln? Any insight is appreciated! Thank you!
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