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  1. I am in Canada but other than that I can't really give anymore on location. It has to be kept quiet in the early stages. It is going to be quite large. We have funding from multiple sources. We are an arts centre and it will have connections to our arts councils in the area. No potters guild around here but we are hoping by having this conference we can almost make our spot a quasi potters guild. I have not been to NCECA. Thanks!
  2. Hello, I am currently in the very early stages of organizing a ceramics conference that will be taking place sometime in the future most likely after a vaccine for COVID is developed. I am looking for any information, suggestions, or tips anyone can provide when it comes to preparing, organizing, implementing, attending, etc... a ceramics conference. All information is helpful. Looking forward to the help! Cheers,
  3. Right! Hmm, very interesting. Thanks for the information and advice!
  4. Thank you again! That's such an interesting thought! I know exactly what you mean, if firing with a gas kiln I would do the same, hold around bisque temp. However, I thought that was for body reduction? Pulling the iron out to the surface of the clay not the glaze. I can see how that would still effect the glaze though.
  5. I'm looking at lapidary supply shops now. They seem to categorize the silicon carbide by "Grit" is this different than "Mesh"?
  6. Thank you, for answering both of my threads I posted today!
  7. Thank you. Do you have any experience with the locally reduced glazes? I'm having a hard time finding any thorough details on them like firing schedules, glaze makeup, variations, etc...
  8. How long will an average kiln being fired twice a month to bisque and cone 6 last? I know there are incredible variables and you can never be sure. Elements need replacing, fuses blow, thermacouples need replacing. It is different from kiln to kiln. I can't seem to find a rough average or generalization anywhere online. I'm mostly just curious! Any input is great!
  9. Hi, I'm trying to get the elusive oxidation copper red with localized reduction glaze to work. Everywhere I look it suggests 600 mesh silicon carbide is necessary to get the localized reduction. The silicon carbide I have is 400 mesh. How can I increase the mesh of my silicon carbide?
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