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  1. I raised this issue with the distributor and they talked to Rohde but Rohde kept insisting it was because the kiln was lifted by the hinge (it wasn't) so in their view it's not their fault. Your post @newuser confirms my suspicion that quality seems to have suffered in Rohde this year. I fired my kiln a few times and seems to work OK. I gave up trying to replace the kiln because it would have cost me a great deal of time and money. Also I figure if their production quality was suffering from pandemic issues this year, any other kiln from them would have similar problems and your post confirms it. Yours has a bigger gap than mine, especially when cold so I don't know... but I think as long as it doesn't lift excessively the other people here with more experience is right and should work just fine.
  2. So I've placed a metal bar across the top of the open kiln (I.e. on top of the wall bricks) and used a level. It has an inclination of ~0.8deg (the floor is level) taking into account the diameter of the kiln it means that side is a good few millimeters lower which would explain the gap. I don't think it was the lid. As I said I managed to reduce the gap slightly by pushing the lids down. I started a firing and I can see the red hot inside of the kiln through the gap. Is this normal? I'm attaching a picture Oh, and the lose piece now finally fell off. I'm now 99% convinced I've got a bad egg here and will take it to the manufacturer
  3. I was told about the lid lifting during firing, but these pictures were taken with the kiln cold. From all your comments it seems it's not normal to be this way with the kiln cold I see there is some confusion with where the gap is. I wasn't very clear, my fault, but the gap is on the right side of the kiln. The front sits well and it has a latch. Thanks again for all your comments
  4. Thank you all for your replies. Yes, I wasn't expecting the kiln to stay beautiful forever but just 3 firings seems too low to star showing this kind of wear. @neilestrick, @Min Rohde sent me some instructions but mainly consisted in asking me to loosen some screws and push the lid dow, not very technical. I managed to reduce the gap a little this way (not much) but after another bisque firing more discoloration appeared so heat is still escaping quite a lot. @Bill Kielb I also think it's poor manufacturing. I think because we bought it beginning of this year, when the pandemic was starting Rohde might have rushed some orders and quality wasn't checked properly. @Mark C. this is a German kiln
  5. Hi, newbie potter here, I'm having some issue with a brand new Rohde ecotop 60s kiln and I'm not sure if it's something normal or I had bad luck and received a bad kiln. I hope all the experienced people in this forum can help me out. I've just bough a new Rohde ecotop kiln (my first ever kiln) and after ONLY THREE FIRINGS the rope insulation on the outside of the barrel looks burned and the steel ring holding the lid is all stained from the heat. The lid doesn't sit fully on the brick walls letting heat escape, which caused the damage I think. As said I only fired 3 times at: 1000 C 1000 C 1230 C The Kiln is rated at 1320 C so all were well below the maximum. I'm attaching pictures I took after the third firing, these are all at room temperature after it's completely cooled down. Rohde says it's all fine but I feel they're just trying to avoid responsibility. They asked me to loosen the metal band round the lid and just press the bricks down. I've done that very carefully and the bricks have come down quite a bit but there's still a very visible gap. Also doing this caused some cracks on the lid bricks. In your experience are these things normal for such a new kiln? Or did I have bad luck receiving a bad kiln and I should try to send it back? Thank you for your help
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