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  1. This is all very helpful, thank you! Marian-when they refer to them as "liner glazes" what exactly does that mean? That they are intended to be thick, like for the interior of bowls that might get a lot of wear and tear? Which of Coyote's blacks & whites do you like?There are multiple types- for instance, with black they offer Black, licorice, charcoal satin, espresso Bean & sorcerer's stone. I actually like how the manganese in the #112 shows through most glazes a little because I love the speckle. I'm assuming I'll be able to pour on a smaller scale- like if I just want to line the interior of a mug with white, as I often do. Otherwise, if probably have to brush in larger pieces which I know can be tricky. I remember trying the Amaco mattes years ago and having issues with streakiness. I actually use the velvet underglazes directly on the 112 and seal with a clear, but I do want to try putting down a base of white for more neutral colors-- if you're not making your own, should I just buy porcelain casting slip for this or is there something else I should be using? Ideally years down the road I may try mixing my own glazes, but right now there is so much to learn- even just about throwing and firing at home...baby steps!
  2. Hi there, Like many artists, I am currently transitioning from making pottery in a community studio to working at home which is a big adjustment with an even bigger learning curve! I'll be setting up my very first kiln in the coming weeks and now need to figure out (for the first time) what the best commercial glazes out there are for the clay I'm using. For now I am using Standard #112 clay, and I will also eventually be working with their #551 Porcelain (both cone 6). I will be firing in a Skutt Km818 electric kiln. I have two big questions. First, does anyone have any tips on good commercial glazes to use on the #112 for a good fit? I'm specifically looking for a simple & reliable black, white and/or grey (glossy or matte), as well as other simple colors like cream, peach, soft/pale greens, yellows and generally neutral, organic tones. I like the look of flat color, and not necessarily layering. I've noticed that Coyote's Enduro-colors are really lovely and just my taste but I have zero experience with this company. Does anyone use these glazes? Has anyone tried Standard Clay CO's line of glazes? I just discovered those exist. Lastly, since much of my work is done by hand-painting AMACO Velvet underglazes, I now need to find a good zinc-free clear to put on top of both these clay bodies. Ideally, I'd love to find a glossy clear that won't craze or make my underglazes designs smudge or bleed color. This is a very overwhelming undertaking as a first-timer, so I'd love some feedback and guidance! Thanks!
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