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  1. Yeah that's what seems to be the issue. I know ware will get soft when it's approaching vitrification and obviously when it's overfired... definitely did not account for the retaining heat factor. Y'all are confirming what I suspected. Thank you! I did and there was a slight slight change in the ∆5. Just too hot! And I definitely will be making the bases thicker.
  2. I was aiming for a low shrinkage, vitrified clay body, also using a recipe that was limited on materials since the availability of supplies has been limited with COVID closing everything down. It's a true cone 4 at 2086°F. I also did a slow cool, might have been too slow to start. I did a 10 min soak at temp since I only had a few pieces testing and may have been too long?
  3. So any tips for preventing warping on a cone 4 ( yes I mean 4 not 04 :D ) vitreous slip cast clay? It's a tall tiki form that is a little top heavy so they wants to sag/warp. I'm applying amaco velvet underglaze to the exterior that develops a slight sheen so I don't want to lay them on their side... Also has anyone tried firing amaco celedons at cone 4? I've been experimenting with some recipes but they are coming out more opaque and milky. Kinda in a crunch!
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