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  1. Hi Min, That's great ! Thanks for all the information...looks like I've got something to get my teeth into now...the information out there in pottery books and Pinterest etc can be so vague and contradictory and therefore confusing!
  2. Ok thanks Callie will check..and stark white is what I'm after.
  3. Hi Old lady, I am ,loosely at the moment, planning to use strong colours mixed with white slip to create pattern on top of white slipped stoneware.Hope this is feasible, or I guess simple stain and water but I do need white opaqueness.
  4. Hi Callie, Great...will take your advice and go for the stoneware white clay as a strong contender...am mostly going to use white/ buff stoneware so guess this will give me less or ,hopefully ,no compatibility problems.
  5. Hi Hulk, Thanks for info...learning more by the hour...looked up Bmix and unfortunately doesn't fit the bill for me as it is described as a creamy white and I am looking for a pure as possible white. Will bear in mind mixing technique you use.
  6. Thanks...definitely not what I need!.Looked at his video just yesterday ,which got me thinking and searching.Thanks for the warning.
  7. I am new to ceramics and can't seem to find any info on creating a strong white slip for decoration, not casting.Porcelain clay , I guess would be the optimum. If so how please? Powder ?...dried clay rewetted? Plus any additions? How would this work as far as compatability goes with stoneware clays? Also I would like to make an engobe white to use on bisque...any ideas please ?
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