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  1. Definitely have to pre heat the stuff when it comes to the primitive pottery, as well having more than one of the same items in case of breakage. This is why I want to make a barrel kiln or something similar to more evenly heat and ramp up temp.
  2. Thanks, I did forget to mention I have a temp guage I'm possibly planning to use as well, I really wish I could use my forge but it is way too difficult to slowly ramp up the temperature.
  3. Yes, that is the plan, pit fires have too big of a risk for uneven heating and developing cracks and breakage. Last time I test fired the small ash tray and other small items I made a quick makeship barrel kiln. As far as what cone it fired to....I have no clue, howeverI also do metal casting and forging so I definitely can make some heat, of course I dont want to get too hot and melt the clay. Thank you for the reply!
  4. Here are three other items I have dried completely, this is all, I have so far. I plan to get some more studio time in very early tomorrow morning and then Ill be pouring more natural clay onto my bats to dry, wedge and store for use. I will also be digging for more clay, I have only about 30 pounds now, but I will be digging 2 full 5 gallon buckets to refine. I will report back with my fired pieces as soon as I can, I may experiment with a wood ash glaze as well.
  5. Hello eveyone!! I'm new here to the forums, and I love making primitive style pottery, just getting started doing this, been a thing on my mind for a long time as I've always been fascinated with natural clay, so I've decided to refine my own..I do not own a kiln or a wheel so its all pinch pot and coil for me. Having a blast getting set up and started, I will post some pre fired pics up as I have not yet fired anything just yet. Last year I did a test fire a simple little ash try but I seemed to have misplaced it.. .. Take care everyone. ..Ill be happy to answer questions when I can..as I learn as I go!! Here is a pic of one of my freshly finished mugs. Ill post up more pics as I fire them..hopefully soon.
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