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  1. The clearer this becomes the muddier it is! I called Laguna as suggested and I guess I put the cart ahead of the horse because the COE of my clay choices doesn't necessarily line up with the dry glaze I purchased. I'm going to mix it and test it anyhow. This change is really exhilarating. There are a lot of balls in the air. I am trying to develop my style/voice, pick a clay body that I like for functional (since my old sculpture mix 412 is not food or glaze friendly) and find a glaze that works for with my style and is functional. Let's say I land on one or two clay bodies that
  2. Thanks so much. Good suggestions. I will call Laguna and ask them. The other glaze I am interested in trying if my Laguna is a big flop, (and I may actually mix it myself from the recipe - going against my space problems) is the Tony Hansen G2926B. I do recall someone, in some thread not thinking the chemistry made sense...Anyone try it? I just don't get how you know what will work with your clay body. With slip it makes sense to me because you want to use clay that shrinks the same as your clay...How do you know how much a glaze is going to shrink?
  3. Hello Clay People: I've been making large outdoor sculptures for 30 years. But when my expensive Heath bowls began to chip and crack, I thought, hey, I have clay. I have glaze. I have a kiln. Voila. I enjoyed making functional ware so much, I decided to keep on keeping on. But man o man, this glaze conundrum. I miss slapping whatever on my sculptures (mostly oxide washes) and not worrying if someone is gonna drink some heavy metals leaching into their coffee. I am following y'all and am overwhelmed by glazes recipes and crazing, etc. I really like the idea of finding one good base
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