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  1. Let me know if yours turns off automatically, I didn't get that far!
  2. Phoenix kiln.pdf Hi Nicky - here is the set of emails back and forth with someone from www.kilns.co.uk. They were very helpful, but I didn't want to overstay my welcome as it were. Basically I tumble loaded the pots (though a bit too close to the elements) & fired it, without bungs as I didn't have any, I set the temp to 1010C and fired at 30% for one hour, the pots were bone dry and had been in the hot sun all morning so were warm. Then I turned up to 100% for 5 hours. I only switched it off because I could smell the plug burning in the socket.....it's been hard wired in now!!!! I fired mostly terracotta and a few stoneware pots. They came out dusty, but that's apparently ok, and all were fired properly as far as I can tell from the 'glassy' tone when I tap them. I have since taken delivery of cones and bungs, so will have a better idea, hopefully! On to glazing next. Good luck & keep in touch. Are you in the UK? Jemma
  3. Yay - I found it! You are at exactly the same stage I am. I will sort out my emails and send you PDFs via this of responses I've had. It may take a little while, but hopefully by tomorrow.... J
  4. Thank you for your comments and I'm relieved you think the firing was probably good. I had ordered cones but was impatient for them to arrive! You can guess what happened: yes, they arrived during the firing! All set now to do my first glaze firing with cleaned and dusted pots and better wiring.
  5. Thank you for your answer. I did just go for it in the end: not very scientific, but at least the kiln got hot! I have just posted another question...I think you may be hearing from me quite a lot in the next few weeks!
  6. Hi - I just opened my first solo bisque firing, terracotta and everything is in tact - tried the tumble stacking method - however, the pots are really dusty with fine terracotta powder. Is this normal or does it indicate something wrong with the firing? I only have a tiny Phoenix 13amp kiln: set it to 30% for an hour although everything was bone dry and had been in the sun all day. I then turned it up to 100% for 4 hours before the plug got hot and I felt I couldn't leave it longer. Going to get it hardwired before the next firing. Any thoughts would be welcome. Thx
  7. Hello - I have acquired a tiny old Phoenix kiln with no manual. I'm hoping someone will have info on how to operate it. I am new to pottery, so would prefer to have some advice rather than risk it! There is a similar, more modern version of it on www.kilns.co.uk, under their Phoenix Range listing, Phoenix 38, but that one doesn't appear to have the same controls, looking at the picture. However, mine appears to be very similar in it's specification: a top loader with 13amp plug, but mine has a centigrade dial, one marked %, a mains light, a relay light plus a soak switch and a bung hole in the lid and one on the front. I have so many questions but here are one or two for starters: Do I need to prop the lid open slightly in the first stage of the bisque? Should both bung holes be blocked during firing, and if so, can I remove so I can check the cones and then replace? Once the final temp for the glaze firing is reached, I understand it is good to drop the temp for the soak to even things out inside the kiln. Do I use the cut off switch initially to stop the firing, wait until the desired soak temp is reached, and then switch to soak, to hold for as long as required? Or do I turn the '% dial' down for the soak and use the 'cut off' to finally finish the firing: I can only guess that the % dial relates to the temperature....? I would be grateful for any advice as it’s all new to me, and although I have read many articles, copied out many firing schedules and taken many notes, nothing makes me feel like I know anything, as it’s all so variable, understandably! I know I just need to get that first firing over with. I have tried to upload a picture of my control panel, but no luck. Jemma
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