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  1. Hello! I just went to run my kiln and everything seems to be working fine but the small red light that usually goes on when pressing the plunger in went out shortly after flipping the first switches? I can hear it running and seems like it's all good, I just wasnt sure if I need to replace a small lightbulb or if it's a more serious issue? Thanks for any advice !!!
  2. Thanks for you help above! Should I refire the current load after testing my elements?
  3. Hello! I was wondering if anyone could make a suggestion since last night I did a bisque fire at 04 cone. When I opened the kiln today the cone was completely straight, however it seemed the kiln did a full fire as I set the timer to 7 hours total and have never gone over that time span. I've used this method many times and have always gotten normal 90 degree bent cones so I was so taken back when the cone appeared as if no firing was done ? Could I of just gotten a defective cone ? I've used about 10 from the same pack with no issues. It's the strangest thing... I've never us
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