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  1. I'm a real newbie to kilns. I always had my pots fired in a studio. I had the good fortune to be given a Duncan kiln (40 years old or so, I imagine) It looked to be in such good shape I wasn't sure it had ever been fired. I read in the manual that it should be pre-fired to 05 before I did a real glaze firing and so I put the kiln shelves into the kiln. I didn't have kiln wash but I had read you didn't need it for a bisque firing. I'm in the midst of ordering cone supports, which I was missing, but I thought (stupidly, I know now) that I could fire without the kiln sitter because I had a witness cone which I would watch. I didn't have an 04 or 06, so I just put the one cone in and set the kiln to low, fired for an hour, medium for two hours and then switched to high and checked after 2 hours and the cone was a melted blob on the shelf. So the good news is I think the kiln works just fine. The bad news is that I have this blob on the shelf. Can I just grind it off? It seems like this is the way to do it and then I can just flip the shelf over and it won't matter so much that I have a less than perfect shelf surface? Am I right in thinking this? I know the kiln sitter will keep this from happening again, plus I plan to kiln wash the shelves. But if I did have an 06 in there as a guardian cone or whatever, wouldn't that have melted to a blob before the 05 went over or did my kiln go a lot higher than 05 or even 04 to melt it into a blob. I'm glad I didn't have any ware in there and I'm hoping I didn't do too much damage to the shelf.
  2. Rough drawing of wheel puller problem with the slant-sided wheel head. the jaw hit the top and won't grip the bottom. Argh!
  3. Will do. Have been occupied lately with trying to get off the wheel head so i can clean the splash pan and maybe grease the bearings underneath (?) Followed all the advice so far on another thread on the forum. Sprayed with WD 40, sprayed with penetrating oil. Waited overnight. Heated. Got a wheel puller from automotive friend. Neither my husband nor I are experienced with wheel pullers. We are having trouble getting it to grab the bottom of the wheel. Because the side of the wheel slant in, the jaws won't grab the bottom of the wheel to pull. Have tried two sizes with no luck. I know the wheel has had no action for many years and don't know if it's a hopeless situation at this point.
  4. What do you do about clogged up or worn out bearings?
  5. Doesn't seem to be resistance other than the weight of the wheel. Wheel does not seem to wobble or grind or any other trouble signs I have read about.
  6. Just went out and did a test-- full speed with the motor to stopped 22 seconds. When I kicked for 20 times then it took under 10 seconds to stop.
  7. What does spin freely mean? How long should it keep going?
  8. Just read a post on another site that said that the motor should only be used for centering. Is this true?
  9. So it's me again. I got the wheel. It ends up that it's a Randall wheel with a motor on it but I'm having some issues: First of all, I need to get the bucket head off so I can take off the splash pan and clean it. I read a number of posts about doing that. My husband and I used penetrating oil, WD40 and a rubber mallet but with no success so far. We are trying to get use of a wheel puller so we can try it that way. In the meantime, I of course wanted to give the wheel a try and I'm having trouble. The motor seems to work. When I press on the peddle, I get a surge of speed and then the wheel slows down. Similarly, I kick like mad for 10 - 20 kicks and get the wheel going but can barely get a pull in. When I engage the motor again, it's too fast for me at first and then it's too slow. When I watch videos of people using kick wheels, they seem to kick a lot and then they can almost finish the pot before they kick again. So is this me not being used to the wheel or is there something wrong? I've never used a kick wheel (used Pacifica 1/2 HP before). Thoughts? The friend I got it from bought it years ago and never used it. It's been sitting in her garage here in western New York.
  10. I have been throwing for a bit over a year at a community studio but it has been closed with the quarantine. I have a barn and am thinking of trying to set up my own place to throw. A friend has offered me a free kick wheel ( I think from the 40s haven’t seen it yet) How hard is it to learn to throw on a kick wheel if I’ve been using an electric wheel? Are there any good resources to recommend? Can all kick wheels be electrified? If I decide I don’t like it would this be an option? Thanks for the advice!
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